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Why Do We Need A Sports Turf Managers Association?

Sports turf managers represent over 40,000 sports turf facilities in the United States.  Such facilities include professional athletic fields, municipal parks, colleges, universities, schools, and private sports fields.  Sports played on such facilities include baseball, football, soccer, polo, golf, racing, field hockey, boccie, lawn tennis, rugby, lacrosse, and cricket.

Because people believed that sports turf could be made better through the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of ideas, the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) came into being 1981.  The key leaders in STMA's infancy were Harry "Pop" Gill, Dr. William Daniel, Dick Ericson, and George Toma.

STMA members work to combine the science of growing turfgrasses and the art of maintaining both natural and artificial sports turf to produce safe and aesthetically pleasing playing surfaces.  STMA represents all segments of the sports turf managers, their assistants, full & part time students, university staff, turf & landscape specialists, and commercial suppliers.

What Is The TVSTMA Chapter?

The Tennessee Valley Sports Turf Managers Association (TVSTMA) chapter has been established as a vehicle for sports turf professionals to network locally with their peers and to meet regularly for educational opportunities.  The TVSTMA is affiliated with the STMA.

What Is The Purpose Of The TVSTMA?

  • To serve the sports turf profession in Southern Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northern Alabama.
  • To promote the art of managing the sports turf function.
  • To encourage professional dialogue and development in sports turf management.
  • To encourage and develop membership in the TVSTMA and STMA.

Why Should I Join The TVSTMA?

Today, the sports turf manager is being viewed from every part of the game, from the players to the fans, from the parents to the owners.  With the demands of having better and safer sports turf, the managers need all the assistance they can gather.  The TVSTMA offers that assistance.

TVSTMA meetings will be held throughout the year at different sports facilities in order for you to meet and share with other sports turf managers your problems and successes.  Educational sessions will also be offered at the meetings for you to grow in knowledge of this industry.  Professional personnel will be on hand to help answer questions, give technical support, offer new ideas, and for you to experience first hand the new techniques and products that are available in this ever changing industry.

How Can I Join TVSTMA?

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